RichGirl's Last & Final Mixtape "Can You Afford Me" / by

RichGirl fans, here's a treat for you. The girl group's last and final mixtape was released a few weeks ago. It's called "Can You Afford Me" and features a whopping 16 tracks. The EP has guest appearances from Fergie, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Ke$ha, Rico Love & Fantasia.

The tracks we're all leftovers which we're supposed to featured on their debut album but since they've separated, the album has been scratched and shelved indefinitely. Lyndriette, Audra, Brave, & Se7en all have went their separate ways and are all working on solo projects. Download the free mixtape here. After the break you can peep the track listing and listen to the songs.

1. Can You Afford Me

2. Foolish

3. For You (feat. Chris Brown)

4. Itty Bitty

5. Lucky You Are

6. Blowing Up Phones (feat. Ke$ha)

7. He Ain't Wit Me Now (Tho)

8. Back To The Club

9. Treasures (feat. Fergie)

10. Got Away

11. Millionaire

12. Tonight (feat. Rico Love)

13.  Better Days

14. Dance For Me

15. Shut Up Boy (feat. Ne-Yo)

16. Move On Me (feat. Fantasia)

There you have it. Some of the tracks you've heard before, some you have not. They compiled a nice catalog of songs during their short 3 years as a group. My favorites have to be "Never Going Back To The Club", "For You", "Lucky You Are", "He Ain't With Me Now (Tho)", "Got Away", "Tonight" & "Better Days". I've said it plenty of times before, I love them and their sound. I really thought that they would have been able to bring back the girl group movement, but it looks like it's every girl for themselves in this business. Here's wishing them ALL the best of luck for all that they attempt to do.

Thanks to  Team RichGirl for creating such an awesome mixtape!