Jordin Sparks Calls My Post Bullshit / by

Oh yes she did! American Idol winner Jordin Sparks has a lot on her plate right now. She's prepping her new album, new endorsement deals with Reebok and of course a new movie "Sparkle" without the star Whitney Houston. I'm sure it's hard for her but the work has to be be done.

Any who, she got a hold of a post I did about her last month and she pretty much dismissed the entire thing. The post was from a source giving me info on an album update, and I posted it. I wasn't hoping to get her attention or anything but I did with the help of a reader. Check out the story below.

So a reader of my blog found this post and passed it along to Jordin Sparks herself via twitter. I do know if this person reads my blog daily or just stumbled upon the post but I'm grateful that he shared it with her. I'm unsure if they know each other personally, but they do follow one another on Long story short, he asked her if she saw the post, then he shared my link. And she replied BULLSHIT!

^^^LOL @ my co-worker John

Interestingly enough, like I said, I didn't post that story to get attention. I did it because I thought it was legit. Every other story my source sent in to pretty much on point. But I guess this one is dismissed because word came from HER mouth and not a source. We will indeed hear about all of her music from her mouth only. I can respect that. I love her. I'm just still reeling over the fact that JORDIN SPARKS read my damn blog. That's all that matters!! How many blogs like mine gets celebrity traffic? Not many. I'm talking beginner blogs, not established ones like Sandra and Necole and what not. It makes me feel that I'm making progress with this and it makes me want to keep it going.