Fresh Music: RichGirl - "Angel" & "Beat of My Heart" / by

They may not be together anymore but the music keeps on coming. Former girl group RichGirl parted ways late last year and no one seems to know why. No interviews have been done, no light has been shed on what happened and why.

So fans are simply left with their lovely vocals that laced tracks like these. "Angel" & "Beat of My Heart" are the latest coming from a die hard fan and reader @TeamRichGirl. Check out the tracks after the break.


Beat of My Heart

Loving "Beat of My Heart".  No so much digging "Angel". The funny thing is, most songs that has the word "Angel" in it, I love. Monica's "Angel of Mine", Brandy's "Angel in Disguise", Leona Lewis' "Angel" and there are a bunch of others. But this one, not so much. "Beat of My Heart" has that urban edge and feel that they we're known for. They wanted to do some pop as well which is where "Angel" came from, but it's not really my flavor. Thanks to TeamRichGirl for sending this in.