The Darmirra Show: Shit Beyoncé Says...I Knew This Was Coming / by

With the sprout of "shit ______ says", I figured one for Beyoncé would surface. I searched for something a while back but only found one about Mariah Carey. Yes, the hoopla has died down but that didn't stop me from cracking up at this particular video.

The video was done by The Darmirra Show on Youtube. She only has a few videos up, but they're popular ones. The most popular one being Shit Rihanna Says with it having over 48,000 views. It's pretty funny too. But watch the video below and check out her channel. She's pretty damn good.

I died when she said she owned the lake and the birds!! And the part about the awards!! She's a FOOL! The baby names, "Stapler, Fireplace" LOL. Her convo with Rihanna on the phone. It was a good laugh. Especially when she left baby Blue in the other room! Funny stuff. I wonder if she will launch a lot of other shows or parodies? She should, because she has talent!!