NOLA Trip! / by Dimp

 Willie, myself & James

Willie, myself & James

Boy, where do I start! This trip was planned months ago by my friend James. He wanted to do something for his birthday. Since I had no plans for my birthday we talked about going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras to celebrate together and we did just that. Willie came along for the fun! I found a really cheap round trip ticket through American Airlines and we stayed at an apartment that was found through Airbnb. 

It was nice and spacious with high ceilings. It had a very lofty type of feelings. There was one bedroom with a queen size bed and then another room which had two twin sized beds. Not the most comfortable, but I managed.

My first night there, we hit up Bourbon St. We did it the next day as well! This is literally where all the action was. It is EXACTLY how the media depicts it on TV. It was packed, loud and full of people from all walks of the world. There are sooo many shops, bars and restaurants within this area and just so much to choose from. Me being the type of person I am, I walked, experienced and absorbed everything happening around me and was just content with that. Just being around thousands of people enjoying themselves and being apart of it was a great feeling.

Apparently that night, a drunken someone got inside of his truck and deliberately ran over over 20 people during one of the events. No one died, but a lot of people were injured. Thank god we missed that. I had friends from Chicago calling checking in making sure I wasn't apart of the chaos and I wasn't.

Throughout the trip, I had some good ass food! Literally, everything that my taste-buds touched was just...oh my god...word's can't describe. My main missions were to have Gumbo, Jambalaya, try Popeyes and Willie Mae's. I did two out of the four. I could have had the Popeyes, but for one, the line was just too long and two the people we were with ordered themselves some and said that it taste the exact same as it does where they were from (Texas). So I didn't waste my time. I couldn't get to Willie Mae's because they are only open from 10a-5p. Every time I thought about eating, they were already closed.

What I did have was a Seafood Platter and Gumbo from Oceano's, it was so great. The platter had fried shrimp, catfish, oysters, and mushroom with fries and coleslaw. I fucked that food ALL THE WAY up. That night, we took a walk in search of food and stumbled across a local market that had a restaurant inside, kind of like street food. So I ordered a double cheese burger and it was EVERYTHING. It was cheap and filling. I wish it was here in Chicago! Another great place was The Gumbo Shop and I ordered Chicken Andouille Gumbo and a Creole Combination Platter which had Shrimp Creole, Jambalaya, Red Beans & Rice. It was delicious! 

In the midst of all of that I had a number of drinks, all fruity ones that were pretty good. My favorite was a strawberry daiquiri from The Gumbo Shop, I swear it tasted like the bartender used freshly blended strawberries to make my drink. I also tried Krystal's while I was there. This is the equivalent to White Castle. They taste veeery similar, only Krystal's puts mustard on theirs and that was a deal-breaker. I ate it, but White Castle is better IMO.

On my last day, we did the Witches Brew Tour where we learned about Voodoo, Marie Laveau and history behind New Orleans. Our tour guide was rose and she was amazing! It was definitely worth the money. We met three cool people during the tour and spent the rest of the day with them. I didn't get too many pics with them. It was actually only one, it came about becuase she bought me a bottle water after I Was going to use an ATM to get cash, she was like naw baby, don't put your card in there! Can't trust these people out here. I thanked for for it and asked to take a picture. From there we went to dinner together, went and watched the paraded and went out for hot dogs after. I tried an Alligator dog which was pretty damn tasty.

 This trip was loads of fun. Would I go back? Possibly...maybe not during Mardi Gras, but I would go back. I think this was one of those things to experience. Now that I've done it, there is really no need to go back. Maybe for the food!!? The other thing is that its very dirty, sticky and trashy down there. With no alleys and soooo many people, there is an abundance of garbage and trash. It smells terrible. Mix that with all kinds of liquids, drinks, vomit and piss accumulating on the curb and sidewalks and you've got yourself a nice and germ filled place. If you are a germaphob, then this is not the place for you. But if you like to drink, party and have a good time until 4am, then this is the place for you.

Until next time!