Derrick Rose's Cheating Scandals? / by

NBA star Derrick Rose has had a massive, over the top NBA Basketball career deeming him NBA's Rookie of the Year. People always say the past comes to bite you in the a$$ and word has it that it's happening to Derrick Rose. While in high school as a senior, a grade was supposedly altered for colleges then mysteriously changed back. Also he's accused of having someone else take his SAT test to get into college...peep the article below.

Someone with access to Derrick Rose’s academic records at Simeon High School changed a D to a C, boosting the future Bulls Rookie of the Year's transcript for college, sources told the Chicago Sun-Times today.

Who altered the records in the grade-changing scandal remains a mystery that the Chicago Public Schools has been unable to solve.

It’s the second allegation of academic fraud to dog Rose in as many days. On Wednesday, the Memphis Commercial-Appeal obtained a document from the NCAA alleging a stand-in took the SAT for a University of Memphis player. Multiple sources have told news outlets that player is Rose.

Well, what ever the case is, Derrick Rose is the man, lol I was in a similar situation, only my grade wasn't changed BACK. LOL. As far as a stand in goes taking the SAT for Derrick, I believe that's a bunch of BULL. It's funny how all this comes up after he's named Rookie of the Year. Let the man have his time to shine and stop trying to bring him down!