Eminem's Replaspe Sells 608,000 Copies! / by

As expected folks, Eminem SOARD to the top on Billboard's 200 Hot Albums coming in at No. 1. Relapse sold well over 600,000 copies breaking a record for most albums sold in 2009. Peep the article below...

NEW YORK (AP) — Eminem's new album, Relapse, has sold more copies in its first week of release than any other album this year.

Nielsen SoundScan says the Detroit rapper's first album in nearly five years sold 608,000 copies.

Relapse is Eminem's fifth straight No. 1 album. His last disc, 2004's Encore, sold 711,000 in its first week — though that was only across four days. It went on to sell 5.1 million copies.

That's AMAZING. I work for Best Buy and all last week those cds was flying. Literally ever hour or so I found myself refilling his slots with more Relapse album. I wonder if anyone will top that? He is indeed a heavy weight in the rap game.

Does anyone think Dr. Dre will do better when he drops his highly anticipated album later this year?