Fan Gives Beyonce a Backstage Scare! / by

Celebrities have a hard time dealing with OBSESSED (Get it? Beyonce's movie? pun intended LOL) fans. Beyonce and Jay-Z are the latest to fall victim of an over the top fan after he managed to sneak backstage after Beyonce's performance at The 02 Arena in London...peep it below.

According to the London Paper, the fan managed to get past the security and bodyguards, posing a threat to her.

A witness told the paper, “A man barged through the backstage door just as Beyoncé was walking past.”

“He cried out her name with his arms outstretched before security bundled him back out again. He said he wanted to see Jay-Z to give him a demo tape.”

Well from the sound of things he's just someone that wants to be discovered. I wonder if Beyonce was HEATED at the fact that the fan got past security her body gaurds. That means someone was slacking on the job. "Somebody's gettin fiiiiiireed!!" LOL