Beyonce Covers Forbes Magazine / by

Like they said, Beyonce didn't make the #1 spot but she did grace the cover of the magazine.
Defeating Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce & others as the most powerful celebrity in The Annual Issue of Forbes Celebrity 100 List, Angelina Jolie sits at the top. She is said to have the most exposure than any other celebrity within the past year. Peep the article below...

Angelina Jolie, who placed third last year, dethroned the media maven despite the fact that Oprah was once again the highest earner on the list.

Neither lady, however, made the cover. That honor went to Beyonce Knowles, who finished in fourth place behind a resurgent Madonna.

"Beyonce is the perfect example of how to succeed in the business of being a celebrity," Forbes Senior Editor Matthew Miller said.

"She became famous singing, and now is maximizing her earnings by singing, writing songs, endorsing products, selling clothes and staring in movies."

Both Winfrey ($275 million) and Madonna ($100 million) made way more more than Jolie ($27 million) in the last 12 months, but the Forbes' celebrity power ranking is also based on exposure.

Congrats to them all...with their powerful asses LMAO!