BET Reality Star Dorion Standberry's Twitter Hacked & Nude Photos / by

Well known for his appearance on BET's College Hill, Dorion has become the latest victim of the "hackers". Last night his twitter was hacked and nude photos of him was posted and also the phone numbers and addresses of numerous celebrities.

Solange's twitter status says "Good looking guys, but that's NOT my addy. Good try tho hacker girl/guy." She was one the many celebs whose "info" was leaked via Dorion's twitter page.

Photos of him in the nude can be seen by clicking the links below...

Dorion also called in to a radio station to try and clear things up, but the radio host basically ripped him up! Asking him about his sexuality, asking if the celeb numbers were real. LOL. The radio hosts are crazy these days. Listen below.

What I believe is, Dorion is of course gay. He is, He can deny it all he wants but the dude is gay. And he's attractive so even if he came out the closet (cuz surly he's hiding) I bet girls would still fall for him. Being gay now-a-days is very acceptable. I also believe that he probably made his boyfriend, or ex boyfriend or someone he was talking to mad and they posted the nude pics & a lot of other information by accessing Dorion's twitter page. This GUY had Dorion's passwords and he basically BLASTED poor Dorion. As he said he's in talks with a Children's Network but in a few days he won't be anymore, this will indeed affect him. I'm sure a bunch of gay sex sites and porn makers will be flooding him with emails BEGGING him to do something, and watch he agree! LOL. And as far as the radio interview...LOL the radio hots was letting him have it. Dorion sounded shocked. But the dude's gay. Point blank. I just feel sorry for him that someone would do such things. Now he'll probably be hated and disliked by so many ppl who's info was released. Shame.

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