Beyonce Sues Bootleggers / by

Beyonce, err should I say Sasha Fierce is fed up with the bootleggers that has been selling unofficial items of hers during her concerts while she has been on tour. Peep the article below...

Beyonce has filed a federal lawsuit today in New York, alleging that a pile of shady people have sold knock-off CDs and merchandise in "the vicinity" of past concerts she's performed around the world.

Beyonce believes the piracy is bound to happen again -- specifically at her upcoming concerts at Madison Square Garden on June 21 and 22 -- so she's asking the court to deem it illegal before the bootlegged booty hits the streets. Source

A friend is sitting next to me and he jjust said "Shes being petty...hell she's already rich!" LOL! Of course I came to her defense! How can you sell bootlegged stuff at her concert? She's losing out on money! If they buying it from a 3rd party then they wont purchase anything when they actually go inside where the "official" merchandise is. tsk tsk shame on them! Go get them B! err Sasha!!