Bow Wow Interviewed By Jenny Boom Boom / by

"Lil" Bow Wow (lol)was recently intervied by radio personality Jenny Boom Boom, whom is extra funny! She asks him questions about JD, brings up the whole Columbia Records thing & and she asks him asbout joining Spectacular in a "Grind Off" LOL! There's s much more. Here's a lil bit of what Bow Wow said about his bff Chris Brown.

"We were just having fun down in Orlando playing basketball at Shaq's hourse," Bow Wow explained. "Chris is my best friend, that's my little dude. I hold him down.

I think the media, when they took hold of it being that was the first time they just seen him and made a whirl wind...The business is business, [his case] don't faze me. Friendships and best friends means more to me.

So if he want me to be there for him, I'll be there. I don't really know Rihanna. She's a sweet heart and with the utmost respect, but like I said, if my man wants me there for him, I'll be there for him."

LOL! Even Bow Wow said it was worded kind of "wierd". And he gonna sit up there and say he didn't watch the video of Spectacular, lol knowin DAYUM WELL he did! LMAO. I hope he gets picked up by a good label if Columbia lets him go. He's a good rapper, very talented and a good actor. He just needs I guess grow up?? lol