Brandy Reaches Settlement / by

R&B singer Brandy was involved in an accident in Dec. of 2006 causing a four car pile up and killing one woman. The children of the deceased lady are receiving a whopping $300,000 a piece...peep the article below.

Brandy is breaking out her checkbook to put the worst day of her life behind her.

The R&B songbird has reached a settlement in the wrongful-death lawsuit brought on behalf of the children of the woman killed in a December 2006 multicar collision involving the former Moesha star.

According to settlement documents obtained by E! News, the kids—Mrwan and Kareem Mohamed—will each receive $300,000.

The boys, who were then 15 and 11, were in the family's Toyota Corolla when it was struck by Brandy's Land Rover, killing their mother, Awatef Aboudihaj.

There was no immediate comment on the settlement from Brandy's lawyer or publicist.

In my opinion, and it counts, one can't put a price on the life of someone. Not sayin Brandy deserves to be thrown in jail but $300,000 doesn't bring mommy back to life. Now word has it that the victims parents are filing suit against Brandy so that they can get a nice chunk of money as well. tsk tsk...