Chis Brown & Rihanna Court "LIVE STREAMING"! / by

Global Grind is streaming LIVE coverage right now of Chris Brown & Rihanna's court appearance. Nothings happened as of yet. Every one (reporters, news statons, bloggers, fans & others) are patiently waiting out side of the court house trying to get information after this preliminary trial is over. I'll keep you all up-to-date when something happens. But if you wanna watch the live stream, click the link below
UPDATE: Chris Brown has copped a plea. He'll spend 180 days in a labor domestic violence program & 5 years probation 4 assault.

UPDATE: Chris Brown exits the court house at 4:16pm (Central Time)

UPDATE: Rihanna was in court, but did not testify. Her lawyer is speaking to the press now. The judge issued a "stay away" order for Chris Brown. (4:29pm Central Time)

UPDATE: Rihanna and Chris Brown can't contact each other until the final sentencing in which is in Aug. They can appear at the same function, but must remain 50 yards away from one another.

UPDATE: Rihanna wasn't seen in the court room but was present to hear the plea. The two are to have no contact with each other for the next 5 years. Chris had the choice of 180 days in jail or 180 days of a labor program.
Well now we know that we will NEVER hear a duet or see another live performance from the 2 of them again. What a shame. Well, now i guess we all can FINALLY move on and leave RiRi and Chris Breezey alone.

Randomness: Bow Wow wasn't even there! Some "best friend".