Dimpsettes What Are Yall Jammin' To? / by

Alright Dimpsettes, it's time to hear from you. I wanna know what you all are listening to. Go head and give me your top 5 songs that you are constantly listening to on your way to school, work, or where ever your heading. It can be any type of music, new or old, released or unreleased, foreign anything. Fill me and your fellow Dimpsettes in. Here's my Top 5...

My Top 5 Songs of the Moment

1) Monica - Taxi

2) Drake - Best I Ever Had
3) Jade Ewen - It's My Time
4) Amerie - Dear John
5) RichGirl - He Ain't With Me Now (Tho)

Comment, let me know what yall jammin to Dimpsettes!