Lazy Boy vs Spectacular / by

Well, it seems after my guy Lazy Boy interviewed Spectacular yesterday, things got all crazy. I guess Spectacular saw the video afterwards and heard that Lazy Boy called him gay. LOL. So Spectacular calls him out on twitter, wanting to come and fight and everything. Of course Lazy Boy responded, and in the video above he challenges Spectacular. Saying that until he comes out the closet, he will f**k with him everyday until he does lol. Peep it above.

I find the ending of the video quite funny. How can being asked if you're gay be disrespectful? It's just a simple question. It's only disrespectful if YOU ARE GAY and are UNCOMFORTABLE sharing with folks. LOL. I'm sure Spectacular will respond to this video and I'll be right here to post it lmao!

Hit up Lazy Boy's You Tube Channel. Follow him on twitter. The dude is classic..Check him out!