No Homo or ALL HOMO!!? / by

I wanted to share this video with you all. The title speaks for its self but the actions in this video contradicts the in my opinion at least. This video features a few guys doing "homo" things but declare their actions as "No Homo". Meaning that they are straight and not gay.

After watching this, I beg to differ. At least ONE of these guys in this video enjoyed this little session. If not, all of them did. They went to the next level, grabbin asses and humping one another. I don't believe any straight guys would do such a thing with their friends, unless of course they are curious and want to experiment. Which I believe is the case with these boys. I dislike the factthat this generation uses the term "No Homo" after doing or saying something that would have others thnik they're homo.

Like, a guy would say "dude your a$$ is homo though." Like wtf? If you're comfortable with your sexuality, then there's no need to back it up by saying, "No homo". It just sounds stupid to me. And it's used as a cover up in my opinion. Or someone could say "Those pants look good on you, no homo." WTF?! Just because a guy gives another guy a compliment doesn't mean that they're gay. So many straight guys think that gay men want them, but they are truly mistaken. The only way a gay guy would want a straight man is if that "straight guy" has been showing interest, Thus deeming them "NOT STRAIGHT".

And the girl recording this is just BLIND! LOL. She thinks it's funny. Little do she know, in a few years, 2 of the guys out of this group will be gay. I bet she wont be laughing then.