Rihanna Being Sued / by

As if poor RiRi hasn't been thru enough legal issues, she is being slapped in the face (LMAO) with a lawsuit from her NEIGHBOR! Check it out below.

Christian Moeller filed a lawsuit against the Rihanna claiming that cars routinely park and wait on his property while staking out the Barbados-born singer's house in Hollywood Hills looking for photos and video.

He also claims that some of the cars belong to Rihanna and/or her people. Stephen Yacobian, the owner of the house Rihanna rents in Los Angeles, is also named in the legal papers.

Moeller also claims a security camera installed at the home points onto his property. Moeller is seeking unspecified damages for trespass, invasion of privacy and other claims . . . such as publicity for silly, stupid and frivolous lawsuits.

First and foremost, why in the blue hell would Rihanna want folks steaking out and spying on her house? Obviously its the paparazzi trying to get photos and videos, not anyone of her management or anything. She can't control that. I bet he's only trying to get $$$. Point blank. He's trying to ca$h in on RiRi and it ain't happening!