Rihanna Felt Stay Away Order Was Not Needed / by

It seems that Rihanna could "POSSIBLY" still want to have something to do with Chris Brown being that she felt the stay-away order between the two of them was "unnecessary". Peep it below...

Rihanna's lawyer, Etra, also spoke to reporters and said that his client was "feeling fine" after the hearing.

"She was fully prepared to testify, and she would have told he truth about what happened that evening," he said.

He added that he and Rihanna -- who felt the protective order was sufficient but that the stay-away order was unnecessary -- would discuss a reduction in the latter. Schnegg said she would consider such a change only after the August sentencing.

Isn't that something. I mean, does she feel that he will not pop her again? Does she still want to have something to do with him? Is she NOT dating Drake? lol. Who knows what her reasons are.

What do you think Dimpsettes?