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Sup Dimpsettes. It's indeed one of those nights. I came home from work, took a nice long nap, so now imma be up for the rest of the night. So while I'm up, I would definitely enjoy reading these. So what are you all jammin' to? What new on you're mp3 player or ipod that has constantly been on repeat? What are you feeling? There's a reason why those songs are on repeat..so feel free to share. All kinds of music; new, old, rock, pop, country, folk, karaoke, gospel, alternative, hard rock ANYTHING!! Go head and give me your top songs...Here's mine

Dimp's Top 5

1) Whitney Houston - "I Look To You"
2) RichGirl - "Smile & Wave" feat. Chris Brown
3) Monica - "Taxi"
4) Tina Turner - "I Don't Wanna Fight"
4) Beyonce - "Sweet Dreams"

I'm really loving the Whitney. It's been on repeat for 3 days now and it might just stay on repeat. lol RichGirl ae doing the dayum thing with this song I can't get enuff of it. Monica's Taxi just speaks in so many ways, Tina...what more can I say? When I hear the song I have to replay it at least 2 or 3 more times, & Beyonce with Sweet Dreams, the video has don the song justice. LOL.

Dimpsettes give me your top 5 songs..
comment below....