Fresh Music: LaTocha Scott - "Meet Me When The Sun Goes Down" / by

Hmmmmm, Dimpsettes doesn't she look familiar? Remember the group Xscape from back in the 90's?? Yeeeah now it's ringing a bell huh! LaTocha was one of the groups lead singers. I don't know if she's working on a solo album or not but I do know that this is a fresh song from her. Sure is! Check it our below, it's called "Meet Me When The Sun Goes Down".

I can say that I do think this song is hott!! I can also say that there will not be an Xscape reunion anytime soon. All the girls are working on things. Tiny doing her television reality show with B.E.T., Kandi is about to make her reality TV debut on July 30th on Real Housewives of Atlanta, & Tamika, I don't know what the hell she doing lol! And LaTocha is releasing music. Hopefully an album is in the works. This song is the hottness!

Dimpsettes what do you all think of the song?
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