Fresh Music: LeToya - "Regret" feat. Ludacris / by

The music world is drawing nearer to the release of LeToya's sophomore album "Lady Love". Check out this song featuring Ludacris that has made it's way to the internet. It's called "Regret". Check it below...

It's pretty decent, it's talks about er basically putting her man "ON". As to how she made him and broke him. Now he want's her back. Now peep this, in other Letoya news, her and her ex boyfriend Slim Thug has been going at it lately. Slim Thug recently stated that Letoya f*cks for tracks. Letoya lashed back at a performance in Dallas. Peep it below..

Before LeToya sang, she did an accapella into, say this...

"V.I.P. was all on me. Now you're at the bar with 1, 2, 3. Poppin' game, ya look so lame, without me your pimpin' ain't the same. First class flight, trippin' nights, I hasd yo neck and wrist oh so bright. Poppin tags, it's abig ole fad, you lost the best you had messin' with those scallywags!"

The crowd went wild! Then she states..

"I know ya'll know who I'm talking about!"

That was a prety dayum good freestyle! Obviously it's Slim Thug? How do I know? Because he posted this on his twitter page..

"If u a R&b singer chick fuck with me Ima make u go platinum.. Give u helluva songs torn,regret,not anymore,she ain’t got etc…gnr".

Lol, if you ask me, this is pretty childish! I won't even get it to it. All I will say is that The new leaked song is nice, and Letoya had a great performance. LOL. Still a good free style if you ask me.