Rumor Alert:: Beyonce Starring In Obsessed Part II? / by

Could it be true? Beyonce is reportedly in talks to star in the sequel to her hit "Obsessed" with his made it's way to theaters back in April. For those of you that saw it, it was very similar to fatal attraction. Well the sequel is set to have a little twist on it. Peep it below...

Bey and her management are hard at work trying to negotiate a deal to have her star in the sequel to her movie Obsessed.

In case you forgot, Obsessed was the Fatal Attraction type thriller that she made earlier this year with actor Idris Elba.

Well according to our snitch, Beyonce is expected to pull in big bucks to star in the flick.

And get this – the plot of Obsessed 2 is rumored to have Beyonce cheating on her husband. And she’ll be stalked by her lover.

SHe is expected to cash in BIG BIG BIG $$$$ for this role. But I do wonder how they wil pull off the plot. I mean, Beyonce is cheating and her lover stalks her...will her husband actually stay with her and fight the guy after Bey cheated? Idk, but I will definitely be there to see it if it is true! LOL