Solange Gets REAL With Another Twitterer / by

It looks like Solange had to put a twitterer in her place yesterday. Looks like this girl had bull to say about Beyonce. She twittered Solange saying...

Dear @solangeknowles please tell your sister 2 go away for like...ever. Thank U. BTW, J Hudson & Jas Sullivan sing far better. Thanks :-)

Solange went straight ghetto on this girl. She had alot to say, sending multiple tweets. Peep them below...

@Slim_Goodie ok. You know what, I've been on my positivity kick but I consider THIS positive. You say on your description that your a lover,

@Slim_Goodie a healer, ect. Frankly your not. A lover would not spend the energy you have to put in universe what you have.Your a hater!

@Slim_Goodie sick of people thinking I'm gonna be my sisters enemy.You are FAR out of line.Take your fake "love and healing "somewhere else.

Now that was the "nice" read.Next person who hits me with some negative energy about my sister is gonna get Fox news all over again.Ya hear!

Don't try to love ME becuz u want 2 be the "anti Beyonce".I am the "all for" Beyonce.Now kiss both of our Knowles asses if u don't like it!

Call me whatever u want to, but next time I say "yo momma...." don't flinch. See how u feel.

Now back to your regular scheduled programming. I'm back in the booth creating & she is somewhere shutting down a sold out show:) kisses...

All I have to say is, Solange, you shut that girl ALL THE WAY UP! I bet she won't twittter nothing else about anyone. If she does, like you said, you gonna get FOX NEWS all over her. It's good to see family sticking up for family. Especially 2 sisters in the music industry. As hard as it is, both of these woman still manage to do the dayum thing. Like she said, Beyonce is selling out shows, and Solange is performing EVERYWHERE. TEAM KNOWLES!!

Dimpsettes what do you think about the situation?
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