That Grape Juice Interviews Keri Hilson / by

Sam, from That Grape Juice recently interviewed Ms Keri Baby over the phone. Keri talks about herself as a singer, performer, song writer and as well addresses people that think she's cocky & her whereabouts and thoughts of Michael Jackson's death. Peep a snippet below...

Sam: What’s your take on those who say that Ms Keri is "cocky"?

Keri: Cocky?! Definitely not. I will say I’m very candid. I have to say that those people who say that clearly don’t know me. People that do know me and have worked with me know that I don’t take myself too seriously.

I’m just a person who is in love with music. At the same time it was not handed to me on a silver platter, I worked very hard for everything that is coming my way. It’s been a 12-year journey for me, so if they think I’m cocky they might not understand my journey and how hard I had to fight for this.

Nothing’s easy. Shout out to anyone trying to pursue whatever it is, it’s gonna be a fight, and I think if you understood that about my story then you absolutely would not consider me cocky. Confident and happy and blissful and blessed and thankful – all of those things I am!

To read the full interview visit Sam over on That Grape Juice.

Good stuff! Shout out to Sam for being able to score such hott shot inteviews! Also congratulations to him for graduating college!! w00t! w00t!!