Aaliyah Performs "Journey To The Past" Live / by

This was in 1998, Aaliyah was then the YOUNGEST African-American to perform on the Oscars. She sang "Journey To The Past" which was music from the motion picture "Anistacia" which was also nominated for an Oscar that night. Peep it above.

This is one of the many performances that proved Aaliyah could really sing if given the right material. This was one of the only 2 power ballads I ever heard from her. I'm sure she would've done plenty more of them had she'd still been here with us. This is why I hate when people compare Ciara & Cassie to this woman above, because Aaliyah actually had a voice. She could sing the hell out of a song. Where as someone like Cassie couldn't dare pull off these kind of vocal notes. Ciara, I've never heard her attempt a power ballad. I've never heard Cassie attempt one as well but I know she wouldn't be able to do it. Ciara could possitlby have potential but I digress...Lets celebrate Aaliyah and watch this video above.