Ashanti Speaks On New Album / by

Ashanti has spilled the beans on an upcoming album during her promotions for the "Be Amazing" Charity. Peep what she had to say below..

"I'm so excited!" she gushed "I'm about to fly out to L.A. I have so many amazing meetings lined up. I can't wait to get out there and get into the studio. I have so many amazing concepts, I'm really really really happy".

"Again [I'll be] taking full control conceptually, new ideas. I've been through so much in these past four years, and music has changed so much, the industry is completely different, so you have to kinda reinvent".

She's about to reinvent herself! I know that's right! It's all about CHANGE! If she does this, then she will succeed. I wonder who she's sign with, if she was supposedly dropped from The I.N.C., then reports surfaced saying that she was still SIGNED to the label. The there ws reported BEEF between her and Irv Gotti. LOL! Who knows, according to her, she's about to begin work and take control. Hopefully this time around she'll get hte shine she deserves after her last album "The Declaration" tanked, but manage to chart a hit "The Way That I Love You". She should have dropped "You're Gonna Miss" as a single, I bet the album would have went in an entire different direction. Oh well, here's to hoping that I'll blog more about her if she starts work on a new album lol!