BLAST from the PAST: Voices - "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" / by

This weeks BLAST from the PAST is brought to you by Voices, a singing group createed in the early 90's which featured memebers Monique Wilson, Arike Rice, and sisters LaPetra and LaToya McMoore. But as you all can see in the video above, Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry, from the hit tv series "Sister Sister", were featured in the video for the first single, and not Arike Rice & LaPetra McMoore. Why? I don't know, but the song was my JAMM!! LOL! They sang their hearts out! LMAO and the two singers were butt UGLY LMAO!!! Especially the one at the end., but she sang her HEART OUT! Has a very nice voice. I wonder are they now? I know Tia & Tamera are still going strong in the business but what about the others? I LOOOVE ME SOME TIA!! Too bad she's all married now LOL! hmmmmm...any who, hope you all enjoy this weeks BLAST from the PAST!