Brooke Hogan Disses Jay-Z, Beyonce, Cassie & Heidi Montag / by

If you haven't heard yet, Brooke Hogan dissed isses Jay-Z, Beyonce, Cassie & Heidi Montag in a radio interview earlier this week. Watch it above. She's only doing it for publicity to sale that crappy album which debuted at #144 on the charts selling only 13,000 copies, which were all probably bought by her LMAO! Peep what she had to say below..

She was asked what was the last good Jay-Z song, she replied "Probably the one with Beyonce way back in the day.

The crazy in love or something. "I'll agree with Keri Hilson though. "She needs to go sit down, make some babies and chill. You know, she's talented, don't get me wrong, but just give it a break a little."

She also spoke about Cassie's nude photo's saying "Don't show it if it's not right" she said coldly "It was all like stretched out".

Simply for publicity if you ask me! No comment.