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Take a listen to Alexandra Burke first official single which debuted earlier today on the radio stations in the U.K. The song is called "Bad Boys" feat. Flo Rida which is lifted from the starlets debut album currently untitled but has a fall release date. Check it out below..

I actually like this. I didn't think I would but i really do! Her vocals are on point in this song. The only thing that I'm baffled about is this doesn't sound like the kind of music she was saying that she was doing. She's into the urban songs, but this sound so mainstream and popish. I she Beyonce was her idol, but this is far from something that Beyonce will attempt to sing. This is along the lines of Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, or Britney Spears. It just doesn't fit her persona. But it's a dayum good song. I like it. If this is what she was going for then more power to her! Flo Rida's rapping part kind of reminds me off Nelly and Fergie's "Party People". It's good to see someone's dream come true right before their eyes. Just a few years ago, she was dreaming of this moment and now she's living it. Go ALEX!!

UPDATE! Youtube keeps removing the videos, so to listen, the link is posted in the Dimpsette Lounge under "AB-BB", you can listen and download it..
Are you digging Alexandra Burke's first single "Bad Boys"?
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