Fresh Music: Beyonce - "Slow Love" / by

Another Beyonce track has leaked. It's starting to make me wonder that her re-release is coming pretty soon. This one is called "Slow Love" and it's featured on another Tape Master's Inc Mix Tape. Listen to it below..

I like it. A lot more than "Poison". I can definitely listen to this on repeat. It sounds like it could be either from her Dangerously In Love sessions or the I Am... sessions. The harmonies I hear in this song are similar to those that are from Dangerously In Love but the actual vocals are stronger and makes me think about the I Am... album. Whatever the case, I like it & I can see why it's featured on a mix tape instead of making any one of her albums. Dimpsettes what do you think?
DImpsettes are you feeling Beyonce's "Slow Love"?
ipod worthy
give it the BOOT!
it's okay