Fresh Music: Bow Wow - "I Love My Cash Money" / by

Bow Wow just signed with Cash Money Records almost 2 weeks ago and he already has an official mixtape coming out caleld "Green Light". Last week a song was leaked called "Love Struck" which was an ode to Pussycat Doll member Melody Thornton. This new track is called "I Love Cash Money". Check it out below..

This is one of the reasons why I dislike most rap artist & their music. Because of the stupid ass lyrics. Yes, I posted this just to say that. Bow Wow, we understand that you're grown and what not, but there is no need for to to be saying people sucking on that thing of yours while you're playing your X-Box 360. Seriously..suckin pipe? All of that is NOT needed to sell records. Jay-Z not running around saying bitches sucking on this and that, nor is Kayne, Drake, Kid Cudi or none of them. Granted I can understand a few curse words here or there, but when it goes as far as this song has...then man, it shouldn't be made. If you think that sells records then come again. Mentioning Drake, Lil Wayne and the entire Young/Cash Money crew in this song is not gonna help it progress. Nice try. No one raps about those thing anymore Bow Wow. As Jay-Z & your label mate Drake said, we "OFF THAT". Get wit the program G, it's 2009, if you keep this up, you won't be around too much longer to rap about how much you love money. Simply put, in my opinion, this was an "ASS KISSING" song.