Fresh Music: JoJo - "Forever In My Life" / by

Singer JoJo is still hard at work on her next album which still hasn't received a release date from her label. But a track has surfaced today which is called "Forever In My Life". There's no word YET on if it's featured on her upcoming album or if it's a left over from her older albums. Take a listen to it below...

Lovely right! This song gave me chill bumps all up and down my spine. I love it! If this is indeed on her new album I'm excited for it and her. Her voice is amazing, and strong. I think it's something new because her voice was never this strong. Dimpsettes what do you think?

Dimpsettes are you feeling JoJo's "Forever In My Life"?
ipod worthy
give it the BOOT!
it's okay
ugg sale