Keyshia Cole Shaves Her Head / by

Here it goes again. After I thought it was getting old, Keyshia Cole is the latest celeb to shave her head, well the sides of it at least. As well as Cassie, Rihanna, La-La, Kelis. Many argue that Cassie started the trend, some say Kelis had it done before Cassie, but according to Toya from Toyas-World, British Supermodel Alice Dellal was rocking it long before ladies in the music industry. Peep another pic of Keyshia below rocking the new look.

I must say that Keyshia is pulling it OFF! I love it on her. I love it on Rihanna as well. I didn't like it on Cassie and still don't, nor did I like it on La-La, and still don't. It fits Keyshia and Rihanna in a way that it fits no other in my opinion.

Dimpsettes who looks better with the look?
Keyshia Cole
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