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Leona is putting the finishing touches on her sophomore album which is currently untitled. A few songs leaked almost a month ago and we haven't heard much since. Over at Rap-Up.com, they were able to shed more light on Leona's follow up to "Spirit" which is due out this fall. Peep it below..

The winner of Britain’s “X Factor” has been in the studio with Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Tedder, and John Shanks (Miley Cyrus, Ashlee Simpson), crafting the follow-up to her platinum debut album Spirit, which spawned the hit singles “Bleeding Love” and “Better in Time.” One of the contributors, Novel, spoke exclusively with Rap-Up.com about the project.

“She knows exactly what she wants,” says the multi-talented producer, who helmed “Whatever It Takes” on Leona’s breakthrough album. “She’s very strong-headed, strong-minded, but the sweetest person. I never had somebody tell me no in the nicest way. When I write something and she may not feel it, she goes [in British accent], ‘I don’t think I’d actually say that.’”

The 24-year-old songstress aims for perfection, but always keeps her cool. “She’s very calm, collected, and has swagger in a very ladylike way,” Novel discloses. “She’s one of those people that’s very particular with what she wants vocally. I don’t care how many times she does a song, if she ain’t feeling something, she’s gonna go back and sing it again. She don’t give a f**k. She’ll call you right before the song’s being mixed like, ‘I think I want to sing it again.’ And it’ll be like, ‘C’mon, you’re killing me!’”

Novel shared details on the two tracks he produced. “[John Shanks and I] did one that was an uptempo and one that was kind of a ballad that I think everybody likes a lot,” reveals the musician, whose new mixtape Suspended Animation can be downloaded here. “It’s a very heartfelt song and just talks about love and heartbreak. It’s a strong record.”

The new album will once again showcase Leona’s powerful vocals that have drawn comparisons to Mariah Carey. “The record that we did was more vocally-driven. She’s really going all out singing-wise on this one. It’s more guitar-driven from what I’ve heard, more pop/alternative, far from urban. It’s gonna be a crazy album.”

I'm a huge Leona fan and I'm excited!! I'm on the edge of my seat. Her first album was definitely a hot one. Every song, except for "Homeless". lol. I wonder what the cover will look like, what will be the name of the album, I hope it's not self titled, nor named after a track on the album. Can't WAIT!