LeToya Performs "She Ain't Got" Live / by

LeToya stopped by KTLA and give a performance of her current single "She Ain't Got" as well a s a brief interview. Check it out above..

Now, times for MY 2 cents...I didn't like it. Hands down. I don't even really like this song. The background vocalists we're OUTRAGEOUSLY off key, and weren't keeping up with eachother. The dancing was kinda odd with the microphone stands in place. IT also sucked that LeToya sang over her record instead it it all being done live, instruments and all...meh...I wish she would've gave alive TV performance of "Not Anymore" which is STILL being played on the radio. I have heard "She Ain't Got" not ONE time on a station here...and from the looks of this probably never will. Lets move on to the next single LeToya! But Big ups to her for trying something different.