LeToya Predicted To Sell 30,000-35,000 Copies First Week / by

Reports are showing that based on LeToya's first day album sales, it's expected to sell between 30,000 - 35,000 copies within the first week. Which will put her at either number 5 or 6 on the Billboard's 200 albums. That's DEFINITELY NOT GOOD! I was hoping it would do so much better. LeToya did a hell of a lot of promotion for this album. She did so many radio interviews, concerts & performances. I guess it would've helped if she got on T.V. and performed, gave a show interviews and performances on Ellen or Tyra or The View anything. Good Morning America, there's so many opportunities. Even if those sale predictions are true, I feel that her album has potential to sale a lot more within it's fist few months or so.

Most people believe it's because the entire album is almost strictly R&B. She has no mainstream pop songs like she did when she was with Destiny's Child which is surprising being that she helped write most of Destiny's Child's songs. I know LeToya can pull off up-tempo songs. She did it with "She Ain't Got..." but it's just a song that I'm not feeling. To me, it wasn't the right kind of up-tempo song to release, and I'm sure millions of other people agree with me because the song STILL hasn't charted on any of the billboard charts. IDK, I like her album, and feel it has great potential, I jsut hope others feel the same. LeToya deserves her shine.

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