Mariah Carey "Obsessed" Performance on America's Got Talent HQ / by

Earlier this week, I posted Mariah Carey's performance in Low it is AGAIN, in HIGH QUALITY thanks to Prophet. Take a look above...

This was supposed to be a MAJOR PERFORMANCE, her COMEBACK PERFORMANCE....Now, hands DOWN, I dislike it! Why is she singing over the track?! The background singers sound AWFUL! Typical Mariah, walking around on stage, changing hands with the mic with back up dancers ...nothin new, nothing fresh. The dancers are the show if you ask me, even though the moves were plain and simple. lol Lifting her in the air and what not REALLY WOWED the crowd, but it didn't WOW me. I really thing Mariah has lost it. She can't sing live anymore. I honestly DON;t believe that she hit that high note live! And Major Nick Cannon is a dayum HYPE MAN. Baby Bye! I don' approve of this performance! Not one bit! I bet the MC Lambs are gonna EAT THIS UP!!!

Dimpsettes what you think?
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