Mariah Carey's Album IS NOT Finished / by

Reports are flying in that Mariah Carey's new album "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" is not finished. Also rumors are surfacing saying that Mariah is nervous about Whitney's comeback. Peep the report below...

Sources say Mariah Carey is shaking over Whitney Houston's forthcoming project "I Look To You," which arrives in stores August 31.

Originally set for release just one week apart, Houston and Carey's discs ("I Look To You" and "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel") have been mentioned on nearly every music-related website, magazine, newspaper, or televised outlet worldwide. But, according to sources close to Mariah Carey, who originally had Houston 'beat' with a earlier single release and album release, the "Make It Happen" and "Obsessed" singer is afraid of being overshadowed.

'She's getting very nervous now that Whitney Houston is coming back," a source told Page Six.

That source, who also claims that Carey has hired a new team to oversee the promotion of the "Memoirs...," says Carey's new manager Chris Lighty would not comment on the progress of the album, which was to have been completed by now.

Lighty reportedly told Page Six that he is "dealing with music, brand extensions and commericial opportunities" but, when asked about the progress he claimed he was "at the beach" and couldn't be bothered.

Well, how come the album isn't finished? What more has to be done? I wonder if it'll be pushed back again? And SHE SHOULD WORRY about Whitney's comeback. Whitney is set and ready to go FULL FORCE. Her album is done, 2 singles are out and videos to come soon. Mariah's team better get on the ball. Then sounded as if this album came out of no where. Like one day she woke up and was like."Oh I think I wanna do another album" and weeks later put to together "Obsessed" thinking it was gonna succeed because to the BEEF with her and Eminem. That's what I think happened. It's not her time to put out and maybe it'll get pushed back til the late FALL or something. If she does that, she has to deal with the comebacks and releases of other big name artists like Toni Braxton, Monica, Britney Spears, Leona Lewis...I could go on and on..but I wont! LOL!