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Dimpsettes, I gotta know, who's your favorite one hit wonder. You know, the people who had ONE hit, and you never heard from them again? LMAO. There are plenty to choose from. So just go to youtube, find a song or a video and post the link & your thoughts in the comment section and I'll add them all to this post. LOL, here's mine...

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Allure - "All Cried Out" feat. 112

This song was the shiiit! I never heard anything else from them afterwards. They were signed to Bad Boy records...and you know how that goes lol! It's a shame, they were pretty and talented. It didn't stop 112, they wont on to release a few more albums after this jam. lol!

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Apollonia 6 - "Sex Shooter"

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Divine - "Lately

Subway - "Fire"

Freak Nasty - "The Dip"

Puppies - "Funky Y2C"

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Debelah Morgan - "Dance With Me"

Toya - "I Do"

Dimpsettes your turn, post the link to the video & you thoughts in the comment section and I'll add them to the post above!
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