Whitney Houston Loses Voice During Comeback Performance / by

Fans came from all over the world today to see Whitney's comeback performance in New York. She sang new music & classic, but there was on problem. Her voice went out during the concert. Whitney apologized and gave the reason why. She also Performed her song "I'm Ever Woman". Peep her explanation below..

"I'm so sorry. I did 'Oprah.' I've been talking for so long. ... I talked so much, my voice," .

"I shouldn't be talking. I should be singing,"

Hmmmm, Well this is a let down. Some people said they were disappointed. They said the set was tooo short, she didn't perform enough songs and that she was brave to come to perform with no voice. I don't think she can use that as an excuse. I mean, her voice has been resting for 7 years!! I'm sure a 2 hour interview with Oprah won't do any dayum damage. Whitney just doesn't have "the voice" anymore. Simply put, which is why I believe there is no heavy power ballad on her album. Until she proves me wrong, I will stand by my comment!