Beyonce & Lady Gaga Team Up For "Video Phone (Remix)" / by

According to recent reports, Lady Gaga & Beyonce are joining foreces to release a remix to Beyonce's "Video Phone" which will be the 8th single lifted from Beyonce's 3rd studio album "I Am...Sasha Fierce". Word has it that the video as already been shot & directed by Hype Williams. Everything was kept hush hush & there was tight security to keep things locked down. But now, the word is out and there question remains...why Beyonce & Lady Gaga?

This startles me. Why would Beyonce pair up with Lady Gaga for a remix? Why not just release the song as it is? I like it the way it is, but according to the blogs, a bunch of people think it's a terrible song. I like the song as it is, how on earth will Lady Gaga....I'm so dayum startled, I can't finish that thought. How would Lady Gaga even sound on a track like "Video Phone". It's so ghetto! I wonder if this will be an ACTUAL REMIX, like a different beat/groove versus the "Ego" remix with Kayne West just adding his 2 cents. This will be interesting to see, I'm waiting for it and I hope that I like it!