BLAST from the PAST: Leona Lewis - "Bleeding Love" / by

This weeks BLAST from the PAST is brought to you by Leona Lewis. I've been listening to a lot of her lately being that her new album is on the way. I've recently feel in love with the song "Happy" after watching the beautiful video over and over again. Well anyway, this song introduced me to her. I first heard this song on Valentine's Day of 2008. I was in my room ironing my work clothes listening to the radio, then I heard this song. I was like who the fuck is this lady singing like this. I was just SOO impressed. So I was patiently waiting on the song to go off because I wanted to hear the name of the singer. With my bad luck, another song came on RIGHT afterwards. SO I ran to my Nintendo Wii for the internet, and just started googling "cut me open" "keep bleeding" lol and then I found it on youtube. I was like this girl can SANG! At first I thought it was Toni Braxton or something. Then the name was like Leona Lewis from the U.K. I was like oh really, and she's soundin like this?! So I read up info about her, found out about the whole X-Factor thing, then saw she actually had an album that was ALREADY out in the U.K. but not the U.S. So I got my hands on her album and fell in love with it! I spread the word, told all my friends that "Bleeding Love" was going to #1, and that it did. Enuff of my rambling, enjoy!