Fresh Album Cover: Janet Jackson - "Number Ones" / by

November 17th marks the day that Janet Jackson will see the release of her greatest hits collection "Number Ones". Above is the official album cover for the album. The new song "Make Me" is the featured single.

Hmmmmmm...picture looks VEEERRRYY familiar. Honestly, still to this day, I have yet to listen to "Make Me" and it's been out for almost a month. Shame, I just haven't heard any buzz about it, nor is it something I don't think that I'd be interested in. Hmmmmmm let me go ahead and listen to it now....Okay, I take that all back LMAO! This song is FUNKY!! I like it. It sounds classic. Hmmmmm, well being that the only form of promotion was her performing on the VMA's, will that alone help push this album? Or will people by it because it's Janet?