Fresh Album Cover: Leona Lewis: "Echo" / by

Peep the official album cover to Leona Lewis's album "Echo" which is due out Nov. 17th.

I'm loving this picture, but I'm hoping it'll be changed into something else. I just feel that this type of pic doesn't fit Leona being the type of artist she is. This pic doesn't represent an echo in anytype of way shape or form, nor does it fit any of the songs we've heard so far from the album. A cover like this would definitely go to a "Sasha Fierce" or a "Super C", someone raunchy or has the sass..maybe even Mariah Carey could pull it off, but not for Leona. Again it's not a bad picture, I love it, I just feel that one in ehich captures the meaning, vision or sound of an echo should be chosen for the cover.

Dimpsettes, your thoughts?
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