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"Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart" is the name of the official second single from Alicia Keys 4th studio album called "The Element of Freedom" which has been pushed back by her to Dec. 15th. Her first single "Doesn't Mean Anything" has stalled at number 60 on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart so she pushing forard with single #2. Check it out below..

Did yal hear that?! I don't think I heard the piano being the leading melody in this song. That's hot shit! I love th way se's delivering the lyrics. So soft and fierce. It's like she saying it with remorse and as if she's keeping a positive and strong about the whole thing. She trying to find a way to make it. I'm digging it. So far, Alicia has impressed me with 2 singles, I'm digging it!
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Dimpsettes, are you feeling "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart"?
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