Fresh Music: Leona Lewis - Stone Hearts" / by

Leona Lewis's sophomore effort "Echo" is due out in store Nov. 17th. Her first single "Happy" has been released and currently isn't doing too well. But another track has leaked from the song bird which in my opinion, hails over "Happy" in so many ways. This track is called "Stone Hearts". Listen to it below...

I love the melodic piano in this song, and I love Leona singing to piano! It's so classy of her. This song is deep with the lyrical content & metaphors. It so soft in the beginning and the piano, but almost to the end it hits strong with a background sound chorus, heavy drums and Leona's angelic voice. I love it, definitely going on my phone. In my opinion one of her best leaks, next to "L Got You" & I'm still waiting on that to come in full. lol!

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