Fresh Music: Rihanna - "The Wait Is Ova" (Snippet) Kind of..LOL / by

A few days ago, Rihanna was spotted shooting the music video for her highly anticipated debut. The album and single is deeded so "TOP SECRET" that no one knows or as really heard anything about the album or 1st single. Luckily for us, a by-stander recorded a few minutes of video of Rihanna on the set of the new music video and you can hear parts of the song and see her dancing to it. Check it out above.

Now, if this is indeed the song, or first single, from what I heard...You know what, I'll save my comments for tomorrow after I hear it ALL, in full & high quality. Lol. She gets spooked by the train coming past in the clip, you can see her jump & then laugh afterward.Yeah I wanna hear it in full, but my curiosity has been satisfied, now that I heard what the song SOOUNDS like..Tomorrow morning is the BIG day!! The Wait is OVA! LMAO at the very end of the video, the security gaurds come blocking her and flashing that dayum light...and the fans are screaming.."TOOO LATE BUDDY, WE GOT HER ALREADY, WE GOT HER ALREADY!!" I know that's right, they got a first look of what the video will look and sound like. Then comes the guard flashing that annoying ass light in the way, like Beyonce's body guard does! I hate that!