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Single number 2 has dropped from Rihanna's higly anticipated album "Rated R" due out less than a month from now. The song was produced by Chase 'N' Status and it's called "Wait Your Turn (The Wait Is Ova". Peep it below..

ALrighty, I have once again, been let down. I'm simply not impressed. At all! I'm sorry, I'm starting to think that Rihanna is not gonna prevail this time around. Hate to say this but I think "Good Girl Gone Bad" could possibly have been the PEAK of her career. I'm jus sayin....unless she pull a Beyonce and her 3rd single shoots the album into the sky. On Beyonce's "B'Day" album it climbed the charts after "Irreplaceable" was released. "Russian Roulette" NOR this song has what it takes to compete on the charts. I'm sorry, simply not feeling this at all. Its like, seriously? I know that they're not tryna re-create an "Umbrella" song or anything, but at least give us a HIT! But a friend of mine said that Rihanna's camp knows what they are doing, he said they're releasing the slow boring songs so that her 3rd or 4th single will be a nice up-tempo dance heavy song. He said with the release of these songs she can only go up from there. I hope he's right about this lol because these 2 songs WILL NOT sell her album! If you want the song, head to the "Dimpsette Lounge", it's there.

Dimpsettes, your thoughts?
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"Wait Your Turn (The Wait Is Ova)" it HOTT or NOTT?
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