Fresh Video" Alicia Keys - "Doesn't Mean Anything" / by

Check out the official video for Alicia Keys's first single "Doesn't Mean Anything" which premiered a few hours ago. This is the first single from her new album "The Element of Freedom" hitting stores on Dec. 1st. The vid was directed by P.R. Brown. Peep it above.

I love love love it! The entire scenario is perfect, Alicia looks stunning. The fact that the weather was rainy and gloomy in the beginning was PERFECT and she was all alone in that nice ass apartment as things started fading away slowly into smoke. Then after the second verse, the special effects were fantastic!! She was climbing that mountain at the very end, I thought her man or something was up there, but to my surprise...there was "no one, no one, noooo ooonnnneee" lol get it? The background looked very similar to Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams" background. But never-the-less this was a great video. Loved it!!